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Gulmer Madencilik industry, one of the leading companies in the marble industry, is the purest gift of nature to carry marble to living areas and customer satisfaction is our main principle. Therefore, we work to integrate our systems in accordance with changes in customer demands and to best meet expectations Gulmer Madencilik Company, established in 2000, has been serving in the marble sector for many years in line with our mission focused on quality and customer satisfaction. We produce travertine by processing raw materials obtained from our quarries as blocks and in various sizes and sizes by adapting to the requirements of developing technology and era.
Our family started to marble business in 1965 in Stone Bazaar being a small workshop. Our second factory established in Ataturk Organize Sanayii Bolgesi in 1990 under name of Aktas Marble and still serving to marble sector. We have two quarries at Bursa Kemalpasa and an organized production line at Izmir, Cigli, Organized Industrial Area. Moving up to our present position, we are constantly growing and developing Turkish marble sector in World trade, by using our skills, knowledge, and experience from the past with the most importantly fair trade philosophy that we received from our father, that we would like to entrust us to the next generation.
We as Cem Marble are company of travertine, limestone and marble exporter who located Denizli city in Turkey. We produce, supply and export tiles, pattern sets, pavers, mosaics, slabs to warehouses contractors, builders, architects, designers, homeowners in domestic and abroad markets.Cem Marble is specialized company about natural stones with dynamic, young and customer focused structure. We know that natural stones have variations and according to this we select natural stones at the request of our customers. At the same time we know that package of natural stone is very important so we do best way packaging. Cem Marble offers direct shipping services to any location worldwide. We are assertive about packing, optimal quality, prices and service.Cem marble offers immediate replies to all enquiries, technical support, reliable inspection, quality control, coordinate production period, fast delivery process and logistic operations for customer. We are here to help you execute your vision and in selecting the right stone and tile materials for your design project, building or warehouse. Cem Marble has always strived to provide best quality products and customer service.
“Prestige Countertops” was established in 1984 in Izmir. Our company got involved in several project in domestic area working with pioneering companies in quartz sector such as Cimstone, Belenco, Silestone and Caesarstone. In 2012, Our company startded exporting in stone sector such as marble, travertine, quartz,granit, onyx ect. “Prestige Countertops” has taken part in Brickell City Center project in Miami with exporting 55.000 square meters of marble.
Established in 2006. The Company`s goal is produce provide many kind of sizes in natural stone business specially marble and travertine. The company joined to SOLMAZ CORPORATE GROUP in 2007. ROMER MARBLE offers new model products with using high technology, educated/experienced labours, reasonable price and on time delivery. For this reason keeping the company updated with technical and educational news. Also the company aimed to decrease lose of time and production cost in this way and offers the benefit for costumer satisfaction. ROMER MARBLE produces – offers top quality product with an expert team and mostly exports to China, India, USA, Germany, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, UAE, South Korea, Aruba Islands Azerbaijan, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt Palestinian and more countries. Romer Marble: There are three color , these stones, Romer Cafe Maroon, Romer Cafe Latte quarry in Adiyaman of Turkey and Baskil Beige Quarry in the Elazig of Turkey has been registered as rich reserve resources. ROMER MARBLE provide new jobs opportunity to people where is establish a new plant and beside that try to keep natural life clean for next generations. ROMER MARBLE is the first company who got the CE certificate on natural stone sector in Turkey. ROMER MARBLE aim to carry brand name to future with own reserve and keep to produce fabulous products for valued costumer`s pleasure.
MERDO Minning Machine Petroleum Energy Industry and Trading Co. Ltd. Welcome to the colorful world of turkish marbles. Turkey is one of the oldest country that produces marble & natural stone in the world. Merdo Marble : Our commercial activities, our business began in 1980 with "Tevfik Export & Import". * Heavy hand carved with classical Furniture export and in Saudi Arabia whole sale marketing. * Arabic as a Mother Langucage is I've Substituted in Saudi Arabia for many Years. MERDO MARBLE : We started in 1990 to Manufacture and exporter special all Arabic Country; * Saudi Arabia ( Jeddah, Makkah, Madina, Dammam, Riyadh ) * UAE : Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umman, Qatar - Doha, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon - Beirut, Syria.
MOENA YAPI A.S. is established in Eskisehir in 2020, always aiming to be one step ahead in the sector with its customer-oriented working strategy, aiming excellence in quality management and service to its customers, without forgetting that development is based on devoted work, and with its contemporary and dynamic structure that adopts business ethics and honesty as a principle, and its team with 15 years of experience in the industry. Taking our experience and knowledge with us, it aims to offer quality and all the privileges of quality to its customers in national and international markets. In making Turkish ceramics and natural stone known to the world with its technology and quality, reach better places in the near future, it is obvious that MOENA YAPI A.S. will make a significant contribution to it with its products' design and quality. We perceive the needs of our customers quickly and accurately and start the process with the question of how we can provide better service. Because we are aware that your time is valuable. That is why; we as MOENA YAPI A.S. have the principle of maximum customer satisfaction. Our company; always aiming for innovation and quality, continues to work meticulously to create new values by transforming creative ideas into visually perfect products. VISION To be a leading organization by having high quality product variety and by offering all our products and services to our customers with our experience and creativity in a safe and high quality manner, which is preferred by everyone in the building sector, meeting customer expectations. MISSION As MOENA YAPI A.S., to deliver high quality products and services from A to Z to our customers, within the framework of international standards, in every country where we operate, with our philosophy that values human beings, based on love and respect.
Being aware that, in the Planet, the natural stone demand is increasing and we want to be a benchmark in our sector with our products worldwide. In these times of increasing globalization in social and economic life we want to expand our market by developing the network of our clients and by strengthening business relationships with the existing customers. We are sure of the good quality/price ratio of our products, the possibility to fulfil the most different and particular needs from design to manifacturing of natural stone paying attention to environmental and safety issues. CETIN MARBLE mission here represented is the satisfaction of the employees, customers, products and the best quality/price ratio who interact in the development of business. The company added value is measured through feedback from clients, employees, external consultants and suppliers. Because only a synergy work leads to the satisfaction of everybody’s needs and a high-quality outcome. This results in updated, sturdy and user-friendly products requiring reasonable labor, subject to no defects and which are easily available in the future.